19 05 2010

This is a great example for my first proper post – it shows my Number One greatest annoyance with bad kerning and the design of font kerning tables – namely the humble number 1. Have a look at Jason Bradbury showing us the amazing number of prizes in The Gadget Show‘s competition this week.

Now, to me this speaks for itself, but to explain what I’m talking about the number to me doesn’t say “one hundred and eighty three” it says “one, eighty three” – there’s a gap big enough for Jason himself to walk through there!


To get things started

13 05 2010

To get things started, and by way of a joke, a brilliant example of what can happen when kerning goes bad!

Keming - The result of improper kerning

Lifted from, and all credit due to, David Friedman at – check him out and buy his T-Shirt!